I am currently a PhD student in Computer Science at City University of Hong Kong. Under the supervision of Dr. Tan Chee Wei, I am doing research in Optimization Theory & EdTech.

I am a registered Apple developer and I code in both Swift and Objective-C. Feel free to check out my works on App Store or GitHub. I love Python and use it for nearly everything other than iOS development. I am also familiar with Node.js and can develop web backend(CMS & RESTful API) with it. Check out my portfolio to learn more.

My CV is available here.

Awards & Honors

Working Experience

My Equipment

  • MacBook Pro with Retina display (15’’ late 2016)
  • HHKB Pro 2
  • iPhone 6s
  • Apple Watch Sport
  • iPod Classic
  • Nexus 5X

Human Languages

  • English: fluent
  • Mandarin Chinese: native
  • Cantonese: native