The previous theme I used was NexT. It’s a great theme with good documentation, high customizability and a neat layout. The problem is, it’s way too clean, while I want more style in my blog. Besides, being the most starred Hexo theme on GitHub, NexT is used by many tech blogs, but I really don’t want my blog to look like others’.

So I decided to find a new theme and customize it, and I chose Apollo. It looks great with just the right amount of style I want. The issue is, it’s much less customizable than NexT. Its _config.yml is only 21 lines while NexT’s has nearly 400 lines. But this isn’t a problem for me since I planed to customize it anyway.

I forked the theme to Yuno Apollo and this blog is currently using this forked theme. Yeah I know the name sounds silly but naming is always a problem for developers and I just can’t find a better name for it. I will change the name and create a separate repo for it, but let’s just keep it this way for now.

Here are some of the changes I’ve made in Yuno-Apollo:

  • Changed the avatar in page headers to be circular and add CSS :hover animation to it
  • Changed the theme color to #48b2F1 (the background color of my avatar)
  • Added a “back to top” button at the bottom right corner of each page using jQuery Goup
  • Changed the font in code block to Menlo (the font I use everyday in Xcode) and move the language label to the top left corner
  • User can explicitly set comments: false in pages or posts to disable comments
  • Added friends and about page
  • Other minor UI changes

And things I plan to do:

  • Make the fonts customizable
  • Add tags and categories page
  • Anything that would make it looks more awesome :)